Education Services

World Wide Education Services (WWES) is another branch of the GSBC that aims at providing one-stop education center for the students who aspire to study abroad. WWES has acted mentor for students aspiring to expand their educational horizon from just India to other countries like Canada, USA, New Zealand, Switzerland, UK, Australia, Singapore and many more. Post Graduate, Under- Graduate, and Diploma courses in many countries are taken care under one roof of WWES.

GSBC and its associate -WWES make arrangements with various educational institutions located in various countries around the world for referring of aspiring students to these institutions. Some of the specialized services provided by GSBC to the institutes include:

  • Sourcing of qualified students meeting program requirements of institutes from across the world;
  • Providing full pre-assessment of all the documents of the aspiring students;
  • preparing the students in all aspects for the institute including grooming sessions, in- house IELTS training, etc;
  • Ensuring the best students are selected meeting the specified institution requirements, among other services.