Hospitality & Golf

Forest Hill Golf and Country Club – a venture of GSBC in hospitality sector, is a unique concept in sports, leisure and recreation, conceived on an unprecedented scale of magnificence. Forest Hill Resort is a perfect blend of hundreds of acres of verdant beauty and finesse situated in the Shivalik Hills, Chandigarh, India.

The Golf Course is an eco-friendly destination that has retained the original beauty of the terrain while enhancing it with fresh plantation. The Latin- American Club House has elegant dining rooms, bedecked with huge lithographs, showcasing the history of golf over the years. For those who love the wild, there’s an adventure zone at the club.

The Forest Hill Sports, Fitness & Adventure Zone is the right place to rekindle your adventurous spirit and shed off the stress of everyday life. The Zone has been created without disturbing the natural elements of the environment to give a true jungle experience. We have everything that an adventure lover is looking for ranging from breathtaking adventure activities to top-notch wellness facilities!!